Income Protection Cover

This type of cover offers you financial security for yourself and your family against a loss of earnings as a result of any illness, injury, disability or accident resulting in you being unable to work for longer than your deferred period. This plan will provide you with a weekly income after a deferred period (Chosen by you either 13, 26 or 52 weeks). You will also receive tax relief on all premiums you pay (max 10% of your total salary) at your marginal rate of tax.

Why Protect your Income?

Do you realise that 1 in 6 of Irish workers will be out of work due to sickness or disability for more than 6 months over the course of their working life? (Source : Friends First)

Sick Pay Cover
  • There is no obligation on your employer to provide sick pay.
  • In the private sector, 85% of employees would be fully dependant on state benefit after 6 months of absence.
  • The public sector offers full pay for 6 months and half pay for 6 months.
Social Welfare Benefit
  • The Illness benefit pays just €10,623.60 per year to an individual (subject to means test).
  • A typical family with one adult working, one adult dependant and 2 children would qualify for just €20,378 per anum.
  • If you are self employed you are not entitled to any benefit.

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