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The best advice is to use a professional mortgage adviser

Finding the best rate for your mortgage can save you thousands over the life of your mortgage. Let us find the very best deal for you by checking out what's currently available in the market. We deal with all of the major banks and we have many years experience in mortgage advice. And... only one form to fill out! Call us today!

Would you be able to live on the State Pension of €230.30 per week?

Everyone needs to save for their retirement. The most tax efficient way to do this is by starting a pension. But how much do you need to save? How does the tax relief work? Which company offers the best products? Let WP O'Reilly & Associates Ltd. guide you. We offer free advice as part of our financial healthcheck and we offer a wide range of products from all of Ireland's leading pension providers.

What would happen to your family if you became seriously ill?

For most of us, our on going good health and vitality is something that we take for granted. How would a serious illness impact on you, your family and your childrens lives? Imagine the consequences of a major serious illness like cancer, heart attack or a severe stroke. The repercussions could have a very negative impact personally but could also severely compromise you financially. The key benefit of serious illness cover is that you get a lump sum that can help tide you over financially while you deal with serious illness.

Want a better return on your savings?

There are many investment options currently available that offer the potential for returns in excess of normal deposit rates. Options include low-risk capital guarantee products and also higher risk equity products. Our investment advisers can help you decide which products best suit your overall savings strategy. Call us today to set up a free financial healthcheck.

What if your income stopped yesterday? What would you do today?

Your income is your most valuable asset yet it is the asset least likely to be insured. Without your income, how would you continue to pay your bills i.e. mortgage repayments, VHI/Bupa, food, general utility bills etc? To safeguard your income today, why not talk to one of our team? We can custom design a policy to meet your specific requirements. Tax relief is available at your marginal rate which further reduces you net outlay for this cover. As we at WP O'Reilly & Associates Ltd are qualified financial advisers with multiple agencies, this gives us flexibility and access to all providers with whom we hold agencies in order to obtain the best value policy for you.

About WP O'Reilly & Associates Ltd.

Our Dedicated TeamEstablished in 1984, we at W.P O'Reilly & Associates Ltd. pride ourselves on being one of Ireland's leading professional firms of financial advisers. We offer free expert advice on a range of products and with access to all major lenders and insurance companies we endeavour to find the best product in the market for you, which saves you time and most importantly will help save you money. Our service is confidential, efficient and competitive. It is provided at a time and place convenient to you, either in our office in Ashbourne or in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today »

We have selected one preferred product producer, Irish Life Assurance plc, for life insurance plans (including life assurance, specified illness cover, income protection, unit-linked savings, investments and pension plans), tracker bonds, and Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)