Life & Illness Cover

Term Assurance

This policy is designed to provide a guaranteed sum assured in the event of death of either party during the term of the policy. The premium and sum assured is guaranteed for the term of the plan. For example, this policy will be required for interest only loans as the mortgage balance will remain the same.

Mortgage Protection

This policy pays off an outstanding mortgage balance in the event of death during the term of the policy. The level of cover reduces in line with the balance outstanding on an annuity based mortgage based on an interest rate of *6% p.a. - *This information is provided for illustration purposes only

Serious Illness Cover

This type of cover provides a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a prescribed serious illness such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. You and your family can use the lump sum to pay off bills or the mortgage or simply help give an income at such a distressing time. Serious illness can strike at any time. Please call us today for a quotation.

Whole of Life Plans

This type of cover provides a guaranteed sum payable on death for a guaranteed premium. It will provide protection on an open-ended basis i.e. there is no term on the plan where cover will cease. The premiums are payable for life.
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